Palatial Homes begins the rebuilding process

Palatial Homes understands the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on the lives of so many New Jersey residents.  Our primary concern has been the safety and security of all those impacted by the storm.  Palatial Homes would like to bring two decades of quality home building and construction expertise at a discounted rate to help make the rebuilding from Sandy less daunting.

Palatial Homes onsite restoring Ocean Beach

Our team is fully insured, ready to assist you through the entire process from clean up, remediation, design, to building new memories.  Palatial Homes is here to assist you as you begin the process of repairing your home. We can help you pick up the pieces.

Call us today so we can help you through this difficult time.  We are here to help you throughout the process of rebuilding your home.

Watch Palatial Homes perform the demolition of a damaged home in Ocean Beach in preparation for new construction.

Palatial Homes has worked closely with the various agancies to get a juimp on rebuidling in Ocean Beach.  Together with the customer, Palatial Homes has designed and built this beutiful custome home.  Thanks to their expert contractors, engineers and architects this home is well ahead of schedule.