"Receiving feedback from our valued customers is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs.  Please take the time to read some of the testimonials from a few of our past clients".


- Linda Bernaski (President and CEO Palatial Homes, Inc.)

A little more than a year ago we walked into a Palatial home for the first time.  It was a semi-completed single family home and it was during an open house. We were greeted by Linda Bernaski  and Luis Perez.  We were immediately impressed by the outstanding design and the builder's quality and attention to detail that we noticed in every area of the home.  At the time we had been looking at homes for purchase and there was always something with which either one or both of us were not comfortable.
This Palatial home was different. Both of us were very happy and we realized that we had found the home of our dreams. We were disappointed however when we realized  that there was competition and that we were not entirely ready to move forward toward closing.
After recovering from that sadness, Linda and Luis were both very helpful in keeping us posted on opportunities as we looked for land to build our Palatial home.  One day Luis called and said that he found what we were looking for. We are now in our very own Palatial home living our dream.  We love our home and we are very grateful that Linda and Luis never gave up on helping us to achieve our goal.  They are both generous with their time and expertise and were always available to us as we went through the process of purchasing and moving into our home. 

We both recommend PALATIAL homes and Linda Bernaski and Luis Perez enthusiastically and without reservation. 

Fran & Dave Fiore  

"Linda and her business partner Lou did a great job restoring my parents home after Hurricane Sandy.  They did all they promised, timely and professionally. A really great experience and a fantastic product".


- Bill McNamara

"Linda Bernaski and Palatial Homes have exceeded my expectations each time I have hired them. I have used them to renovate two of my homes as well as a rental property. Linda is the consummate professional and her partner Lou Perez is a perfectionist who watches every detail".


- Greg Wells

"Linda built my home in 2002 where I still reside. It is a great home and we have been very happy with the quality of construction and design. I have known Linda for over 15 years and she has always been honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and easily accessible. I highly recommend using Linda Bernaski and Palatial Homes if you are considering purchasing or building a newly constructed home".


- George Coffenberg

“My husband and I purchased our home from Linda (Palatial Homes) in March 2011. From the first open house, all the way through and even after closing, working with her was an absolute pleasure. She is an extremely professional business woman and the homes her company builds are top notch. We have continued to stay in touch with Linda as questions arise and any concerns we have brought to her attention have been addressed immediately. I have only positive things to say about our experience working with Linda.”


- Kelly Flammia (Bowe)

“Linda Bernaski is a home builder in the truest sense of the description. Her company, Palatial Homes, understands the needs of a family, the quality of life and a memory inducing environment to raise families. As a builder and mother, Linda brings the best of both worlds, understanding the building process and providing a human need, into her homes. She expects professionalism from her trades and high quality of products provided for her homes because Linda knows that the end result is someone trusting her reputation as a builder who cares. Linda gives back to the industry that provides families with homes. As a past president of the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey, and as a member of the New Jersey Builders Association's board of directors, Linda volunteers her time and invests in the association's efforts to provide affordable homes for all. Linda understands that homes are a substantial investment as long as people can actually buy one without struggling to financially retain the home. By being actively engaged in the association, Linda gains an advantage over other builders, who are not members, by learning about all the various aspects of building a home and helpful techniques that deliver top of the line construction. I would highly recommend, to anyone who is looking for a house to check out the real estate section of your local newspaper. If you are looking for a home include Linda Bernaski in your search for quality shelter and the start or continuation of your family memories.”


- Michael Kurpiel CGA, CGP

“Linda built us an absolutely beautiful 3,200 sq ft custom house!! We would highly recommend her & her partner, Lou, to everyone!!!”


- Jim Barlow

Dear Linda Bernaski / Luis Perez,

I just wanted to take the time, on behalf on my family and myself, to thank you in regards to the purchase of our new home. We are still in the process of settling into our home, so it has taken me a while after our closing to get this letter of appreciation out to you.
Linda, I’m certain that this home sale presented a number of challenges that were a nuisance. Dealing with an out of state mortgage company, Roundpoint Mortgage Company, had a number of issues that definitely took a toll on our sanity. There was also the fact that I did not have a lawyer to represent me as a buyer. For which, you and your lawyer had to pick up the slack on. Finally, there were the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Insured Mortgage rules and regulations to overcome. I am very thankful for the patience and perseverance to overcome these obstacles in order to finalize the home purchase. I also appreciate the time you took to guide me through the home purchase; this being my first home purchase. I must say, I definitely prefer dealing directly with you, the seller, than any of the realtors we worked with in the past.
Luis, I really appreciate the work you do on a day-to-day basis. The home is wonderful, and we appreciate your attention to detail. I also appreciate you taking the time to resolve any minor issues post-closing with the house. I was definitely pleasantly surprised on the initiative to take on the issue in regards to the tree in our backyard that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. You willingly took to resolving the problem on your own accord.
We are very pleased with the purchase of our new home! Dealing with you two, Palatial Homes Inc, was a very positive experience. The professionalism and experience the two of you exhibit, along with the excellence and value in your homes is extremely appreciated.

Todd Tremblay



Sincere thanks for building Sue, Corrie, and Lexie a beautiful home!  Not just the building piece, but all the other parts that go into a successful construction project.  You and Lou were truly “hands-on” throughout the process.    


Professional, caring, understanding, and experts in your field – that’s the Palatial way!  


All of your efforts and hard work are much appreciated.



Bob Gallo